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working horses
    We have been raising top quality pure-bred Santa Gertrudis cattle and American Quarter Horses for over 20 years. Our cattle started out as a commercial herd but we quickly saw the benefits of the Santa Gertrudis breed and switched everything over. Having been blessed with some outstanding genetics we have line-bred a lot of our cattle to hone in on the traits desired by the consumer. We pride ourselves on producing an animal that will not only gain quickly but has a high degree of tenderness and taste!
    When we first began our cattle operation the only horses on the place were those left from our time showing pleasure horses. Needless to say we learned real quick those weren't the type of go-all-day ranch horses we needed. After purchasing Eddie Blue Hancock from the Haythorn Ranch we were well on our way to a solid breeding program producing horses that could stand up to long hours in the saddle. Since then we have added Blue Valentine, Driftwood, Peppy San Badger, Easter Gentleman and Chic Please bred studs to our remuda. Cross those on our herd of top quality foundation and performance bred mares and we get a foal crop each year we are proud to offer to the public. We believe we have something to fit just about anyone. Check us out and decide for yourself!
Santa Gertrudis cattle for sale
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