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If interested in a particular foal, shoot us a message, it may be for sale!

buck x lucy 5.jpg

SCC Lucky Lena (colt)

Hancocks Last Lena X SCC Klassic Roan
Born: 3/17/18

This colt should make an awesome ranch horse, rope prospect, VRH, RHAA or SHTX prospect. We are currently showing a gelding by this sire in RHAA (he's qualified in the finals for 2019) as well as AQHA Ranch Riding. This colt should be plenty athletic and cowy for any type of ranch job you need to get done as well as be competitive in the ranch horse events.



badger x louise 8.jpg



Two T General Badger X SCC Special Hancock
Born: 4/18/18


This guy should be a smooth riding colt that will make a great all day using horse. Make him a ranch horse, rope horse or take him trail riding! 


si x banjo.jpg


SCC Chic Out This Banjo (filly)

Playin For Chics X Tina Turner Banjo
Born: 4/24/18


This is a super stout filly that is bred to be awesome in the show pen. Would make an awesome NRCHA, NRHA, SHTX, VRH prospect and look fancy doing it! 


jac x honey 3.jpg

SCC Hancocks King (colt)
Oldtyme Captain Jac x SCC Honey Valentine 
Born: 4/27/18


This is a well built colt that would make a nice stud prospect for a foundation breeder. He's got great old foundation lines and super conformation. He's going to be stout and a pretty color to boot. 


general x russ' mare 2.jpg

Two T General Joe H x Lectric Kisses (filly) 
Born: 4/27/18


This is a fancy moving filly that should be ate up with cow and super athletic. She would make a great VRH, NRCHA, SHTX or Ranch Riding prospect. 


general x grulla sd mare 2.jpg



Two T General Joe H x BHR Saint Marys  Lady (filly)
born 4/28/18


This is a fancy looking filly with great foundation bloodlines. She would make a great riding horse and do well in the show pen. She would also be a great addition to a foundation breeding program, you can't go find those lines just anywhere!


si x velvet 2.jpg

A Velvet Chicn (colt)
Playin For Chics x Dun It In Velvet 
Born: 4/29/18


This colt is going to be a big, stout horse that should be full of cow and be able to go all day. Great rope prospect or SHTX, VRH prospect.


General x grey sd mare.jpg


Two T General Joe H x BHR Lil Pepper Widow (colt)
Born: 5/5/18


This guy is going to make someone a flashy gelding. With his old school foundation lines he should be able to do just about anything you want him to!


badger x chic baby.jpg

Two T General Badger x MCC Chics Double
Born: 5/9/2018


This is a super cute, well-built filly who should excel in the cow horse pen. Great NRCHA, VRH, SHTX prospect.


badger x angel baby.jpg

Two T General Badger X Young Easter Angel
Born: 5/15/18


This is a gorgeous filly out of one of our favorite mares with the versatile Easter Gentleman blood on top and bottom. She should be an awesome all-around horse and be competitive in any direction. 


ssi x jelly.jpg


SCC Chics N Chex (filly)
Playin For Chics X SCC Born To Boogie
Born: 5/18/18


This is another super fancy filly with the right moves to get you noticed in the show pen. She should be ate up with cow as well as being extremely athletic. Great NRCHA, VRH, SHTX prospect.


general x circle bar y six.jpg


Two T General Joe H x Circle Bar Y Six (colt)
Born: 5/25/18


This is an outstanding colt that we have high hopes for. Our favorite stud colt by General so far. We will be retaining him for the time being to see if he develops into a stud prospect. Great build and we love the Easter Gentleman/Playgun crosses!


General x Brandy.jpg


Two T General Joe H x Paddy Country 
Born: 6/4/18


We raised a full brother to this colt 2 years ago and if this guy is anything like him he should have a great mind and turn into a nice, stout using horse. He should be very versatile and have plenty of cow and be a smooth ride. 


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