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Santa Gertrudis Cattle
   Snodgress Cattle Company started with commercial cattle, running black and red bulls from B.F. Stout. In 1996, we had the opportunity to start a Registered herd by purchasing a load of pairs from Cherokee Ranch. With the weight difference at weaning between the black calves and the Santa Gertrudis calves, this seemed like the obvious choice.
   In 1998, thanks to Bill and Katie Barrett, we sold our commercial herd and replaced them with Five Oaks genetics and went with straight Santa Gertrudis. That fall Gerald Fry with Bovine Engineering and Consulting was contacted and a deep friendship and ongoing education was started. With the wisdom and knowledge that Gerald posessed through his years with ultrasound, linear measuring, and reproductive work the performance program at Snodgress Cattle Company was launched. Gain testing was started with Open Country Gain Testing, Phillip and Janet Couch, and another friendship and education launched.        
   Then in 1999, the opportunity to purchase Stormin Norman and another herd of cows from veteran breeders Euel and Fannie Hammett put the program together. We have been truly blessed with the opportunity to put together genetics from these herds with so many years of performance and records behind them.
   We are committed to producing quality, tender and proven Santa Gertrudis cattle.
   "Man must measure - We'll be trying to measure up!"
Registered Santa Gertrudis
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