If interested in a particular foal, shoot us a message, it may be for sale!

SCC Smart Play

Boons Power Player X Sister Mate

This cute guy was born 3/19 and was our first foal of the year. Since we lost his sire last fall we are hoping to make him a replacement. Excited to see what he grows in to!

pedigree: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/scc+smart+play

SCC Easter Valentine-- FOR SALE

Blue Sonoita Hancock X Two T Easters Lady

This gorgeous filly was born 3/25. She is shedding out a golden buckskin and is super cute. She should make an excellent working cow horse, VRH, stock horse or all-around performance prospect. Her dam's maternal brother was the 2016 SHTX Jr Champion.

pedigree: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/scc+easter+valentine

Two T General Badger x Tina Turner Banjo


This is a super fancy filly born 4/9. By one of our line-bred Easter Gentleman studs out of an own daughter of the great Banjo Whiz, this filly has the look and breeding to make a great reining prospect. 

pedigree: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/scceasterscustomwhiz

Two T General Joe H x SCC Lady Valentine


This handsome colt was born on 4/11. He is already starting to grey and with that big blaze, he is going to be a looker! His dam is a granddaughter of Leo Hancock Hayes and his sire is 100% foundation so he's an old school type colt that will be able to hold his own in the show pen as well.  

pedigree: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/scc+generalvalentine

Boons Power Player x Yuccas Frosted Flake


This cute built filly was born 4/10 and is a full sister to a filly we are riding and plan on showing. 

pedigree: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/sccplayersfinalfrost

SCC Easters Reward
Boons Power Player X Two T Mosbys Argyle


This filly is a tank and was born 4/19. We are really excited about the Easter Gentleman/Peppy San Badger cross and are looking forward to what she will add to our breeding program.

pedigree: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/scc+easters+reward

Two T General Badger X Tinsels All Wright 


This handsome colt was born 4/21. He is out of an own daughter of Tinsel Nic and by one of our line-bred Easter Gentleman studs. This guy's mother was in training to go to the futurity but was injured prior to being shown (have riding video of her). He's a dark dun colt and will be a knockout in the reining pen. 

pedigree: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/scc+eastersbuenonic

SCC Smart Lil Easter
Two T General Badger X ARC The Glory Be


This cute filly was born 4/25. Her dam was a USTRC money earner. She should be cowy and athletic and make a great versatility, ranch or rope prospect. 

pedigree: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/scc+smart+lil+easter

Wrigly X Daughter of Chic Please--SOLD
Filly Born 5/6

Bred by Matador Ranch

SCC General Hancock-- FOR SALE
Two T General Joe H X SCC Miss Happy Lady


This cute colt was born 5/8. He should make an excellent ranch or rope prospect as well as be competitive in the show pen. We use his dam's full brother on the ranch and as a heel horse. This guy will be able to do it all. 

pedigree: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/scc+general+hancock

SCC Easters Bourbon-- SOLD
Two T General Badger X Paddy Country 


This good looking colt was born 5/8. He is going to have all the qualities you'd want to make an awesome ranch horse. He's going to be big and stout enough to make a great head horse prospect as well. His dam cam straight from the 6666's so you know this will be a cowboy's horse for sure.


SCC Lady Hancock-- FOR SALE


This flashy filly was born 5/9. Not quite sure what color she is going to shed out as, looks like buckskin but may eventually turn grey. She is the very first granddaughter of our stud Two T General Joe H and she is looking very promising. 

pedigree: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/scc+lady+hancock

Two T General Badger X Young Easter Angel 


Take a look at this filly born 5/10! She has everything you're looking for to make a successful show horse. Line-bred Easter Gentleman means she should be athletic, versatile and very trainable. She is going to be grey. 

pedigree: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/scc+eastersroyalgun

Boons Power Player X Cowboys Playgal 94


This cute filly was born 5/10. She has a future in our broodmare band since we lost her sire last fall. 

pedigree: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/scc+gunninforplayers

SCC Ms Dual Badger

Two T General Badger X RR Dual N The West

This outstanding filly was born 5/13. She is super stout and athletic and should excel as a working cow horse, VRH or stock horse. 

pedigree: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/scc+ms+dual+badger

SCC Gunshot General-- SOLD
Two T General Joe H X Playguns Woman


This cute colt was born 5/21. We are currently riding his 3 year old full sister and she is incredibly willing and trainable. This colt should be very versatile and athletic and be a standout in the show pen. 

pedigree: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/scc+gunshot+general


Two T General Joe H X Funny Girl Fanny 

We are very pleased with this filly born 5/25. This is the first time for this cross but definitely not the last! This pretty girl should have everything you need to be successful in the show pen, whether it be working cow horse, VRH, Stock horse or an all-around performance prospect. She will be able to do it all! Probably will turn grey.

pedigree: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/scc+generalsfunnygal

SCC Hancocks Pistol--SOLD

Blue Sonoita Hancock X Circle Bar Ice Blue

This handsome colt was born 5/29. He is out of an own daughter of AQHA World Champion Circle Bar Pistol. He should be cowy and athletic and have a good mind to go with it. He's got one sky blue eye (left) just like his dam. He's going to be a standout for sure.